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Rosen Hotels reports some guest data may have been breached

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, Fla. (AP) - An Orlando-based hotel chain is reporting that will some of its guests' credit card info may have been breached.

Rosen Hotels and Resorts Inc. said on its website that malware was installed on its payment card network, and in some instances, it may have discovered the name, credit card number, expiration date and verification code on the credit cards of its guests.
The company said on its website last week that it's still trying to identify which visitors may have had their data breached. Cards used at the hotel string between September 2014 and Feb 2016 may have been affected.

Company authorities said they hired a cybersecurity expert last month after they had been first made aware that Get The Best Special Offers data may have been breached.
Rosen operates seven hotels in the Orlando area.

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