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Is it cheaper to Airbnb or obtain a hotel?

Occasionally, when traveling, it can be tough to find out whether it's smarter to book an accommodation or an Airbnb rental.

The bus travel booking website Busbud compared Airbnb prices and resort rates across 22 cities within North America, Europe, and Australia.
The prices of Airbnb bookings are usually based off of the cost of an one-night's stay, while the hotels and discounts average prices discount vacation for nurses a hotel room were determined using Resort. com's Hotel Price Index Report, which analyzes prices based on bookings made on the site per room for each night (including any taxes plus fees).

It's good to note that prices are subject to change with respect to the season and how close to the time of the trip the booking is made. Nevertheless, the numbers help give a feeling as to where a particular booking choice might be cheaper than the other.
The data shows that, in general, Airbnb can save travelers money when reservation across the northern US, while 5 star cheap LAS VEGAS HOTELS london [https://www.facebook.com/hotelsdiscount] offer better rates in the southern part of the US.

Within Europe, the average hotel costs could be as much as double the cost of

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