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The Most Highly-priced Destinations All-around The World

Fb/4 Seasons Vacation resort Bora BoraThe average lodge in Bora Bora fees $855 per evening.

Traveling costs a ton of funds, but the cost of a trip can fluctuate tremendously relying on the destination.
Hotels.com not too long ago unveiled its annual Accommodations Rate Index, a report on hotel selling prices in main locations across the world that's centered on Hotels.com bookings.
As part of this report, they located the locations where by U.S. tourists paid out the most for resort rooms-and some of the options are astonishing.

Instead of sleeping in notoriously expensive cities like Paris or London, Individuals are paying out much more on lodge costs in spots like Southampton, Bermuda and Moorea, French Polynesia.
The most highly-priced universal studios discount vacation packages spot on this list by much was Bora Bora in the French Polynesia, with an average cost of $855 for every evening.

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